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About Naxos

Naxos is the largest and most fertile island in the Cyclades. Its rich geographical relief creates intense landscape changes. High mountains, fertile valleys, meadows, plateaus, springs, torrents, caves, endless sandy beaches, dunes that host cedar forests, all coexist harmoniously on this small piece of land.

It is one of the few islands that have been continuously inhabited since ancient times (end of the 4th millennium BC) until today. On it you can “read” the history of the Aegean since all periods of history have left behind traces and unique monuments, scattered throughout the island.

In recent decades, Naxos has acquired the cosmopolitan air of a modern tourist resort but at the same time retains its traditional color and popular culture.

But to really get to know Naxos one has to travel inland, get to know its mountain villages, walk on the dozens of old paths that cross it from end to end, listen to violin and lute at an island festival, “get drunk” with the energy of the island.

It is an island with beautiful nature and more than 40 picturesque villages. The crystal clear waters, the endless beaches, the sights, the picturesque churches make it an ideal destination for your vacation.